BASF Mining Solutions

Who we are as a partnership


The 'BASF Intelligent Mine powered by' combines expertise in mineral processing, ore benefication chemistry and industrial AI technology. BASF brings to the partnership extensive mining knowledge, chemistry interaction expertise, and process excellence, whilst brings industry-leading Advanced Data Analytics (AI), software engineering, and mining industry experience that has been baked into our products.



Ready to deploy


The 'BASF Intelligent Mine powered by' optimization applications are "out of the box" solutions for each process within the mine to market. They are initally deployed on customer identified processes until gradually expanded across the entire value chain. Once fully connected, each application is an autonomous actor optimizing its own behaviour but also working together with the other applications to optimize overall mine to plant productivity.



Chemical and process expertise


With innovative products, global field support and industry leading technical expertise, BASF Mining Solutions provides sustainable solutions which increase productivity, recovery and flexibility throughout the mining operations including leaching, solvent extraction, flotation, solid/ liquid separation and tailings management.

With technical representation in over 100 countries, BASF is able to provide technical support on a global, regional and local basis.



Real-time decision making recommendations


A real-time decision optimizer is incorporated in each application to provide set point recommendations based on the process improvement targets. These targets can be a combination of operational and financial KPI's which are typically set by the customers. The system can be run in either an autonomous mode or via recommendations provided to control room operators.



Innovative optimization of mining processes


The optimization applications are powered by's brains.appTM and provide customers with the ability to generate efficiency gains throughout the entire mining value chain. Applications cover the Thickener Circuit, Flotation Circuit, Pipeline Pumping, Grinding Circuit, Heap Leach as well as Custom Applications. 



Trusted artificial intelligence models


Our trusted AI solutions combine physics (first principle) models with machine learning and AI models to draw patterns from the data using Neural Networks. Our models learn and adapt in real time to evolving situations. Models are upgraded regularly to adapt to a specific system e.g. site modifications. 


This is a unique offering using leading edge machine learning/ artificial intelligence based models combined with physical models to create digital equipment and process virtual sensors. These models are used for process predictions that learn in real-time and adapt to changing conditions, relevant for dynamic mining environments. We use simulation based optimization to enable our continuous optimization algorithms to be tested in a process simulator which doubles as a training simulator.

About BASF Mining Solutions


With innovative products, global field support and industry leading technical expertise, BASF Mining Solutions provides sustainable solutions which increase productivity, recovery and flexibility throughout the hydrometallurgical process of mining operations in leaching, solvent extraction, flotation, solid/liquid separation and tailings management. Further information can be found at

BASF Mining Solutions is part of BASF’s Performance Chemicals division. The division’s portfolio also includes Fuel and Lubricant Solutions, Plastic Additives, as well as Oilfield Chemicals and Kaolin Minerals. Customers from a variety of industries including Chemicals, Plastics, Consumer Goods, Energy & Resources and Automotive & Transportation benefit from our innovative solutions. To learn more, visit

About is the leading Industrial AI company making mining operations more efficient, sustainable and safe through trusted and open Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Industrial AI solutions are optimizing Mining industry processes across the Mining value chain resulting in increased value delivery, reduced energy & water consumption, minimized waste & reduced process variability. Active deployments of technology span mining operations across Chile, Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and South Africa. To learn more, visit